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Like with many sports, the clay shooting sports has its fundamentals.  By following and applying these fundamentals the shooter will break more targets as well as have a more enjoyable and comfortable shooting experience.


The 5 fundamentals of a successful clay shot:


1. Waist down foundation:

  •  Footing - "lead" foot points towards break point. 

  •  Footing spread - shoulder width

2. Gun Mount:

  • Up and in your shoulder

  • Head straight and aligned with your gun - Cheek on the stock, foward.

3. Identifying and lining up:

  • Break and hold points

4. Gun Movement:

  • Eyes on target - Never the gun

  • Establish lead and speed

5. Follow-though;

  • After the shot maintain your gun speed and follow through


Note - "Lead" Foot:

  • For right handed shooters it is your left foot

  • For left handed shooters it is your right foot


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